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EV Charging for Apartment Blocks

Abbey Electrical are proud to be partnered with Easee to help deliver EV charging solutions at scale for residential apartment blocks.

With the OZEV grants now shifting focus to Landlords, Flat owners and and those living in rental accommodation, now is the best time to future proof sites ready for electric vehicles.

If you are a landlord, social housing provider or property factor you can apply for funding to install an electric vehicle charge point.

The registration process to access the grant varies depending on the type of landlord you are and you can find more information on how to register here:

How it works:

● Register for the grant as a landlord

● Your OZEV-approved installer will make the claim on your behalf.

What can you claim as a landlord?

Your grant amount is per charge point socket installed. The charge point grant provides up to 75% of the cost towards the purchase and installation of a charge point socket, up to £350 per grant.

You can receive up to 200 grants a year for residential properties, and a further 100 for commercial properties. These may be across a number of properties and installations or just for one property.

The Easee chargers are a great option for EV charging at scale. They allow for up to 101 chargers to be installed on a single circuit and cleverly work together to maximise the charging sessions depending on the requirement for each vehicle.

Increasing the amount of chargers installed on a site in the future is also a simple process by cabling from the existing chargers to the new ones reducing the overall labour and materials costs and allowing total flexibility from the offset.

With the mobile app and online portal Landlords and Building owners can have complete control over who can charge, view consumption data and monitor costs.

Are you looking to add EV charging to your sites? Contact Abbey Electrical to arrange a free EV survey and discuss your project.


📞 01992 613 031

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