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Changes to Regulations for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms for homes

Following a recent government consultation the regulations for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms in England are set to expand for both privately and socially rented homes. The amendments will seek to increase resident safety and bring more consistency to regulations between the rental sectors.

People living in social housing will be safer in their homes under new rules that will mean smoke alarms must be fitted in all rented accommodation.

The announcement will mean housing providers are required by law to install smoke alarms in all social housing, and carbon monoxide alarms must be fitted in social and private rented properties with fixed appliances such as gas boilers or fires.

The regulation changes will also require:

  • Carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted when new appliances such as gas boilers or fires are installed in any home.

  • Landlords and housing providers in social and private rented sectors to repair or replace smoke and carbon monoxide alarms once they are told they are faulty.

The consultation also suggests that more information should be provided on the siting of alarms and that the guidance will signpost towards the relevant British Standards for installation. Any alarms used be 3rd party certified to the relevant British Standards - BS EN 14604 for Smoke Alarms and BS EN 50291 for Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Eddie Hughes MP, Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing, said:

It is fundamentally right for people to feel safe in their own homes – an issue I’ve advocated for many years. Around 20 people are killed each year in accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, and many more through house fires – but we know that simple interventions can stop these needless deaths. I’m proud that the new rules being proposed will ensure even more homes are fitted with life-saving alarms. Whether you own your home, are privately renting or in social housing – everyone deserves to feel safe and this is an incredibly important step in protecting those at risk.

For more information on the new regulations please see the link here

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